Mining both opencast and depth

The mining industry is one of the most extensive industries in Sweden and especially in the north. BDX offers many years of specialised services in the mining industry.   

BDX performs a variety of projects in the mining sector, with expertise in areas such as mine design, mining methods and equipment for underground works, and has extensive experience from projects around the world. The machinery and organisation is designed to respond to the requirements of the mining industry for safe, high-quality working.

BDX provides contracting services for mining operations in the following areas:

Opencast mining

BDX can offer comprehensive solutions in the form of turnkey contracts for both 
- small tasks such as sampling of magnitude 1 - 100 000 tonnes with high focus on professional handling of materials according to best industry standards with their further transportation to the enrichment plant according to to client specifications, and 
- major assignments such as operation of opencast mines with production of several million tonnes per year. 

All aspects of opencast mining are included, in particular: topsoil stripping, drilling and blasting, dewatering of old mine shafts, securing of slopes, metering services and much more - all with high regard for the environment and respect for the applicable environmental permits.    

Underground mining - tunnelling and mining production

To access the commercially viable ore underground, a large amount of work must be carried out. The tasks which BDX can perform in this area include in particular shaft boring (for ventilation, rock excavation, transport etc.), tunnelling (from small prospecting sites to semi-permanent transport levels equipped with different types of rock reinforcement), production drilling and loading and transport. 
All aspects of underground operation are included, in particular: air, water and electricity supplies to and from, metering, continuous quality measurement of the working environment - all with high regard for the environment and respect for the applicable environmental permits. 


BDX has a fleet of drilling rigs, loaders and transportation, well-suited for the mining industry's needs and circumstances - whether for deep mining or opencast mining.

BDX machines used in deep mining are of course approved for deep mines.

Mobile crushers and associated fractionation devices can be supplied according to client requirements.