Industrial services

A part of the client service

In industrial services and industrial construction BDX specialises in the management, implementation and development of functional solutions for the processing industry. 

The BDX range includes functional and process solutions for manufacturing industry. BDX has a fleet that is able to handle most tasks within industrial services, which means a lower investment cost for the client.

Our clients come from forestry, processing, mining and the steel industry.

Production facilities

BDX industrial services form part of the client's service or process. Depending on the length of the contract, we invest in plant or equipment that is tailored entirely to the client's business.

Recycling of waste products

In most industrial processes there can be different kinds of bi-or waste products which are "left over" after the various production steps, and in the past they have often been deposited without any form of processing. BDX assignments often involve the disposal of process waste, sludge, ash, hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

BDX provides reprocessing of bi-or waste products to return them to the production chain or make them into completely new products, such as cab stone.

Landfill maintenance

Residues which cannot be recycled or reprocessed are sent to landfill. The BDX function is to manage the landfill in compliance with the laws and regulations. BDX holds all the permits necessary for landfills, or can handle the permit application process for building new ones.