Clients, suppliers, owners and employees are key stakeholders in BDX - each with different requirements and expectations of us. We have clients in all industries, mainly in the north. We build our business on long-term client relationships where partnerships are an important factor.

BDX has 300 contractors performing missions for our clients with their 1 700 machines and vehicles. The individual supplier usually has its own employees, with a total of 2 000 professional drivers, making BDX an unusually large small business. Most suppliers are also shareholders of BDX. Ownership has several decisive advantages for the business. It stimulates the responsibility for daily work and an interest in the long-term development.

BDX has its size in spite of a relatively small workforce. Through continuous development of our 300 employees, we are able to meet both clients' and other stakeholders' increasing demands for construction and turnkey solutions. 

BDX suppliers

BDX's contracted suppliers are the foundation of the BDX business. The idea that suppliers should work together to provide more complete products and services dates back to the 40's and is still today the key concept in BDX.

BDX has refined and adapted the idea for today's conditions, which is one of our key success factors.