Our mission


In close collaboration BDX delivers sustainable business solutions, services and products for simple or complex needs in the construction and logistics sectors. Every day we launched initiatives that create opportunities and benefits for both our clients and society as a whole.


Through long-term, profitable and fulfilling business BDX services and products must be sustainable and the preferred choice for clients.

Core values


We build our business on sustainability in both commercial, partnership, development, ecological, economic and social terms. Working with BDX must be beneficial to all parties, including the environment.


Our extensive resources, our breadth and expertise allows us to offer unique business solutions for a unique partnership. We can supply a variety of specialised services beyond traditional construction and transportation services. 


Proximity is close to our hearts and we seek to increase the feeling of proximity in many different ways. Internally, between employees and suppliers in the development of the business and externally, and proximity to clients in our business network.

Thanks to our local offices and dedicated local suppliers around the north of Sweden, we have a distinct local flavour in the business and geographic proximity to our clients.