To meet client requirements for a cohesive range of services and products BDX has chosen to create three divisions; Civil Engineering Division, Logistics Division and Industri & Environment.

To satisfy the need for proximity to the client and specialist competence  in each divisional there are business areas, market areas and business units. 

Support for the commercial activity comes from business development and support.

Board of Directors

  • Mats Öhrlund, Chairman, Smedsbyn
  • Anders Ökvist, Vice Chairman, Kalix  
  • Fredrik Ostling, Director, Lulea 
  • Stefan Enbom, Director, Luleå
  • Roger Åström, Director, Piteå   
  • Tomas Turovaara, Director, Kiruna   
  • Benny Öhman, Director, Piteå   
  • Gunilla Peterson, (employee representative), Gällivare
  • Frederick Brun, member (employee), Luleå
  • Håkan Sundström, deputy member (employee representative), Luleå



Fredrik Persson CEO, Mikael Backgård CFO, Finance And Chief Financial Officer, Torgny Nyman Division Manager Facility, Torgny Nyman Acting Division Manager Construction, Mats Grönberg Division Director of Technology and Environment, Anna Jonsson, HR and Corporate Communications, Mats Grönberg Strategic Business Development / Operations Support and Development Håkan Nilsson and David Bladfält Division Manager Logistics.