More than green trucks

Communication is all about clarity. If we are not clear in our dealings with our clients and prospective clients, the risk is that we will be misunderstood or overlooked. 

Our goal is to be the first choice for our clients for our products and services. This means that our prospective clients must be aware of BDX and we must always be included as an option.

So it is important that everyone communicates the same message and that we look the same to the outside world. Our visual identity programme demonstrates how BDX must be consistently presented – with the right logo, the right colours and the right fonts. Our visual identity, which is fundamentally based on the graphic identity, shows how our cars and machines should look in the workplace and on the roads. Green trucks and (usually) yellow construction machines fitted with BDX-marks, signage and vehicle number. Along with good driver behaviour , this gives BDX the best possible advertising.